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Training courses, one-to-one coaching, workshops & facilitation

We help managers and teams develop the capabilities to help you in your work and in your interactions with each other.

We tailor the format of our training and coaching to your requirements and preferences.

Our courses, coaching and workshops are available 'off-site', through a range of providers, and 'on-site' at your location.

Examples of our training

Building your team / Developing managers

Focusing on customers /  Managing change

Operational excellence / process improvement

Knowledge management

Project Management

We work with individual members of a team or organisation, whole teams (co-located or dispersed / virtual teams), and representatives from multiple teams.

We deliver courses on specific topics, support off-site team meetings, facilitate team health-checks and diagnostics, provide 1:1 guidance or tutorials, mentoring and coaching.

Contact us to find out how we can help you with these and other forms of training to enhance the effectiveness of your team.