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Creating exceptional managers and teams

Enhancing team effectiveness

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Would you like to achieve greater productivity, quality and satisfaction in your work?  We help managers and their teams to enhance their effectiveness by making the most of their time and expertise.

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Supporting Life Sciences, Library & Information Management, SMEs

Our clients come from a range of sectors, with an emphasis on Life Sciences, business support groups such as Library & Information Management, and small to medium sized (SME) businesses in Cambridgeshire & Hertfordshire.

Qualified in multiple skills for creating exceptional managers and teams

Our consultants are qualified in Lean and Six Sigma, Information Management, Project Management, Change Management, Myers Briggs (MBTI), Belbin Team Roles and NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP).

In-house and off-site training, coaching, team workshops, hands-on project or change management and facilitation to help you:

  1. Build and develop your team
  2. Enhance your management skills
  3. Deliver consistent quality to your customers  ....
  4. Simplify and streamline your processes  ... 
  5. Optimise your use of information and knowledge assets  ...
  6. Ensure that your business changes succeed  ... 
  7. Manage your projects effectively..
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We help you to enhance how team members work with each other and work with you to anchor these changes within a strong strategic and cultural organisational framework.

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